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Active Aging Fitness Training in Dayton Ohio

Over Fifty Fitness is a studio servicing the Kettering, Centerville, and Oakwood areas that is designed for active adults fifty and older who place a high premium on their health and quality of life well into the future

Why Over Fifty Fitness

How The System Works

At Over Fifty Fitness we view our client’s as “life athletes,” where the game is to keep moving as well as you can, as much as you can, for as long as you can. 

We focus first on movement quality, ensuring you can manage all the movement patterns you need to to support your active lifestyle. 

To better understand your movement quality, screening and tracking your patterns is a vital part of the process, making it possible to show you the progress you make over time.

As you build movement competency in these patterns we add training variables to help improve your strength, mobility, balance and endurance.

Your personalized training program becomes a blend of the exercises you do well and also those at the edge of your movement capacity. 

Each workout is aligned with your personal goals as well as twelve movement objectives we have identified for the over fifty population.

How fit are you?

Give It a Try

Click one of the exercises below to watch a quick demo video and try it for yourself to see if you are over fifty fit!

Exercise #16 - Tree

Exercise #24 - Side Plank

Exercise #31 - Sprinters Start to Standing

Exercise #57 - Roll Up

What we do

3 Main Benefits


Develop the functional strength you need for all the activities you need to do as well as those you love to do


Ensure that you have all of the flexibility and confidence that you need to keep up with your friends, kids, and grandchildren


Learn the practices that will help you with your balance when you're standing and also when you are getting up and down

Who we are

Our Founder

Our lead instructor and founder, Patrick Przyborowski has been training clients in their 50s and older since 2003, cultivating over 20,000 hours of experience over 18 years to share with you!


  • Creator of the Over Fifty Fitness training program
  • Fully Certified Stott Pilates Instructor
  • Merrithew Instructor in Stott Pilates, CORE and Halo Training
  • Certified Functional Movement Systems: FMS level 1&2, FCS, Y-Balance Test
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • Principles of Program Design

The retirement plan for your body!

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