Preparing for Your STOTT PILATES® Certification Exam

STOTT PILATES® certification shows clients and employers that you are a well-qualified professional. At the conclusion of each course, you receive a letter of completion and continuing education credits.

STOTT PILATES® certification is awarded upon successful completion of a course plus a written and practical exam.

Important General Info About All Certification Exams

Fees for STOTT PILATES® Written and Practical Certification Exams offered by Pilates Movement Studio

Please note: STOTT PILATES® examinations are to be scheduled and paid for within six months of the last course end date. Exams can be cancelled or re-scheduled once with a $100.00 (+ tax) exam change fee. In the event of a second cancellation or re-scheduling of the exams, the full exam fee will be charged again.

Exam Preparation

Preparing to take a STOTT PILATES® course examination requires time and focus. In addition to physically reviewing the exercises and understanding the material conceptually, you will be required to apply what you have learned to a real body in a timed setting.

Recommended Exam Preparation Techniques:

Study Tools

In addition to STOTT PILATES® manuals and support books, other highly recommended books and resources include the following:

Exam FAQs


The retirement plan for your body!

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