Helping You Live Better Longer

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Helping You Live Better Longer

Thanks to modern medicine we are living longer, but not necessarily better, as evidenced by the explosion of “assisted living” campuses across the country over the last thirty years.  


We feel strongly that life quality is directly related to movement quality. Without an active effort, movement quality begins to decline after fifty, and this degradation chips away at the freedom we have to participate in activities that we love. 


“When you see someone in their sixties or seventies who walks upright with a straight spine and moves around a room like someone twenty years younger, you notice. They stand out because they’re the exception rather than the norm, says founder Patrick Przyborowski, “By consistently training our movement quality, we can be that person. By building a community of people who choose to move better longer, we can make it the norm again. The Over Fifty Fitness system is our pathway.”



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Most of our clients are between 50 and 80+ and many of them have been with us for more than a decade! Here’s what they love about Over Fifty Fitness.


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