Get Started

Get Started

How It Works

Step 1: 

Schedule an initial consultation with one of our instructors (add link) at the studio. In this initial consultation we’ll learn more about your goals and how the Over Fifty Fitness training system can help you to achieve them.

Step 2: 

Schedule your three New Journey private sessions with an Over Fifty Fitness instructor. These introductory sessions provide you and your trainer a vital opportunity to understand your current movement quality, as well as strength, endurance, and balance, and we’ll use this data to make informed choices about your training timeline and frequency to help you surpass your goals. The New Journey sessions also give your instructor an opportunity to walk you through the foundational principles of the different training methods we use including Pilates, functional movement, yoga, weight training, and more. 

Step 3: 

Matriculate into group classes, or standing weekly appointments (or both!). Once you’ve completed your New Journey package, we can help to match you with the training experience that suits you best, whether that’s group classes, private sessions, or small groups (1-4 people) who share a standing appointment each week with a dedicated instructor.


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What They’re Saying

Most of our clients are between 50 and 80+ and many of them have been with us for more than a decade! Here’s what they love about Over Fifty Fitness.


The retirement plan for your body!

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