Intensive Matt-Plus - IMP

The Intensive Mat-Plus course is conducted over 3 weekends. Building on your industry knowledge it teaches you to design and lead the Level 1 Essential and Intermediate STOTT PILATES Matwork repertoire, for personal or group training settings for a range of clients. You will leave with a solid foundation and required skills to develop effective and motivating Pilates Matwork programs.

What you will learn
Requirements of certification

Includes watching sessions taught by a STOTT PILATES certified instructor or relevant STOTT PILATES videos

physical review

Means physically performing the exercises learned in class. Taking a class with a STOTT PILATES certified instructor or working out with video can qualify as physical review hours, and can be completed individually or with other students

practice teaching

Hours can be fulfilled by instructing family, fellow students, friends or clients

continuing education credits

4.0 STOTT PILATES credits

4.0 ACE


Course: $1,205

Course Materials: $205

Required course materials included

NOTE: includes the $30 Matwork & Reformer Support Materials Manual is also required for the Intensive Reformer course, but it only needs to be purchased once.


The retirement plan for your body!

Office hour


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